Ed Driscoll

Richard Dreyfuss Discovers His Mini-Me

As Roger L. Simon wrote in Blacklisting Myself, and told interviewers earlier this year when promoting his book, Hollywood leftists frequently build a “Mini-Me” persona when doing interviews:

Well, it’s one of my theories, and I think it holds true, that because Hollywood is so ruthlessly competitive — I think people can guess that it is because lots of people wanna be stars, wanna be writers, fame and fortune is there — people have to fight like Hell to get their positions, and they don’t always do nice things, and they become like that, they become callous, and they become tough. They feel bad about that a little bit because people don’t like to be that way so they create this “Mini-Me,” like the Austin Powers Mini-Me, [who] goes around saying “I’m the most progressive person in town. I’m for the people. I love you,” and then they shut the gate on their estate in Bel Air and tell their assistant to go get the dry cleaning.

Earlier this week, the Internet Movie Database reported:

Oscar winner Richard Dreyfuss is building an environmentally friendly new home in California.

The Jaws star and his wife Svetlana Erokhin have started work on the Encinitas pad, which he hopes will be fully sustainable.

Dreyfuss tells the New York Post, “We’ve just started building a new home. We’re going to try and get off the power grid – as far off as humanly possible. I don’t know that we can be completely off. But by the time we’re done, the San Diego power company should be paying us.”

Uh-huh. When Richard eschews movies shot with megawatts of artificial light and using miles of chemically processed plastic celluloid film for projects that only use natural light and recycled videotapes, get back to me.