Gore Almighty

Yet another one for the “All Comedy is Conservative” files, and an interesting benchmark for where we stand today. 15 year or so ago, Jim Carrey mocked a whole host of hairshirt envirowacko shibboleths for big laughs on In Living Color:


[youtube P8tfuBIutLI]

Despite an interregnum which saw the GOP controlling Congress for 12 years, and the White House for two terms, just about everything Carrey poked fun at is now conventional wisdom for the far left. Not the least of which for Carrey’s fellow Hollywood superstars looking for an identikit ready-to-wear Mini-Me disguise (as Roger L. Simon dubbed it in Blacklisting Myself) to strap on for interviews, particularly when the New York Times or MSNBC calls.

(H/T: Theo Spark.)

Update: And speaking of Tinseltown, welcome readers of Big Hollywood!


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