Ed Driscoll

They Could Do Worse -- And Will

Hugh Hewitt writes:

So there’s going to be a Commission on the financial meltdown, and it is stacked 6-4 (unlike the 9/11 Commission which was evenly split.

No doubt the GOP will nominate very polite, very ineffective members who will hire very polite, very ineffective lead counsels.  Thus it has ever been and so it will be again.

I nominate myself for the Commission.  Unlike almost every other Commission member in the history of Commissions, I know how to ask a series of questions, and to ask again and again until they are answered.

UPDATE: E-mails are asking how they support my appointment to the Commission.  Just call GOP House Leader John Boehner or GOP Senate Leader McConnell, or both.  202-225-3121.

Meanwhile, regarding the meltdown that’s occurring in a specific sector of the economy, Obama sends his regards to his most valuable constituents in 2008: “Robert Gibbs: No Newspaper Bailout.” Yeah, that’ll cause the slobbering love affair to end!

(Around 2013 or 2017…)