Ed Driscoll

Of Polls And Memory Holes

Brad Wilmouth notes that President Obama’s early approval ratings are “relatively low compared to predecessors”:

On Saturday’s Fox News Watch, conservative panelist Jim Pinkerton pointed out that, contrary to the impression given by the mainstream media, President Barack Obama’s approval rating, as measured by Gallup, is relatively low compared to his recent predecessors for the 100-day mark, and is even below where President George W. Bush was after his first 100 days. Pinkerton observed: “Judith Klnghoffer, writing for the History News Network, made the point that Obama actually ranks seventh of the last nine presidents in Gallup poll opinion ratings. So seventh out of nine isn’t so good.”

Judith Klinghoffer’s article, “Obama’s Polls Trail Those of W.; Gallup Covers it Up,” notes that Bush’s approval rating taken by Gallup stood at 62 percent after his first 100 days, while Obama’s currently stands at 56 percent.

A few minutes later, moderator John Scott returned to the subject:

JON SCOTT: And in the first term, George Bush had a 60 percent approval rating after his first 100 days-

PINKERTON: And Bush 41 as well, who I worked for way back when. And Laura Bush has a higher rating than Michelle Obama.

SCOTT: Is that going to get mentioned in the press?

PINKERTON: You just wouldn’t know it from reading the mainstream media.

All of which are busy striving to be the next Him magazine.

Update: Speaking of comparisons with his predecessors, Jules Crrittenden dubs President Obama, “a more aggressive Jimmy Carter. Jimmy Carter kind of sat back and let things happen to him. Obama goes looking for it.” And frequently steps in it once he finds it!