Ed Driscoll

Ransom Note Editing At The Daily Show

As Robert Stacy McCain described last month, the left’s frequently used ransom note editing technique involves “Selective quotation used by political correctoids to dehumanize conservative critics of multicultural groupthink.”


And it’s not just for multiculti groupthink anymore! Found via Hot Air, you can see it employed economically, here:

[youtube c_i3MgfRNqc]

Another word for what Cody Willard of Fox Business News is describing in the above video is “corporatism”, as Steven Malanga explains over at Real Clear Politics, and in his interview with me today on PJM Political. If you missed it on Sirius-XM, we’ll have the podcast version online later today. [Update: It’s now online, here–Ed] In the meantime, don’t miss PJM Political host Steve Green’s latest article, “Media Hacks Sandbag the Teabaggers.”

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