Ed Driscoll

Captain Phillips Freed, Three Pirates Killed

Ed Morrissey writes, “Here’s a happy ending on Easter Sunday for Hot Air readers.  Captain Richard Phillips is now free from the pirates holding him hostage, and three of the four captors are now free of oxygen use as a result.”

As David Thomson wrote in the comments to my post on the Obama administration’s foot-dragging:

We are honor bound to give credit when it is due. The U.S. Navy has rescued the merchant marine captain and dispatched the pirates. Thankfully, the politically correct FBI apparently took a back seat during the crisis.

Indeed. Although as Glenn Reynolds notes, “But though this may take the current story off the news, it doesn’t really solve the underlying problem.”

Update: Jules Crittenden notes:

It’s great news. But it isn’t over, though some people in positions of authority might like to think it is. There are 240 other captives of various nations. Needs a program. Meanwhile, those Somali elders the Americans were negotiating with might want the bodies of their clansmen. I’d suggest a delivery from altitude.

Sadly, (and I’d be more than happy to be wrong on this) we can probably rule out the use of an AC-130 as a aerial delivery platform.