New Silicon Graffiti Video: "I'm From The Federal Government..."

Last weekend, we witnessed the yin and the yang of contemporary liberalism: on Saturday March 28th, we were hectored about our energy use, in the form of the anti-progress "Earth Hour." On Saturday March 29th, the CEO of General Motors was ousted by President Obama, because he didn't sell enough cars--the same person who told us on the campaign trail a year ago that we can't keep driving our SUVs and consuming the energy we do.

Confused? Don't worry; the federal government has trained therapists standing by to relieve your stress!

This is the 29th edition of Silicon Graffiti (complete with a new look for the opening credits); click here and start scrolling for lots more video action. At least until the pitchforks arrive, and your humble narrator is replaced by a new, federally-approved host...

Update: Steve Green checks in with the new Obama-approved CEO of GM, who has everything he needs to rebuild the troubled healthcare and pension agency, that happens to build a few cars on the side--except perhaps a plan. Or as Wendy Sullivan sums things up, "Obama Administration undermines auto industry." But from the perspective of the POTUS with the TOTUS, is that a feature or a bug?

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