Jimmy Has Fancy Plans, And Pants To Match

More fun with Earth Hour: Kate of Small Dead Animals stumbles across the Super Karate Monkey Death Car of newspaper articles in the Sarnia, Ontario Observer, perfectly titled, “Students getting the message across:”


They’re designed to scare off Canada not global warming experts. geese in Centennial Park proved

They’re not in tight with David so realistic it prompted a police Suzuki.

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City hall staff saw the animal Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth” cutouts advertised and, hoping among their DVD collection. they might help reduce scat in

But that doesn’t mean the students at Kate S. Durdan elementary school don’t understand the importance of environmental sustainability.

Quite the opposite, actually.

The students at the Kalar Road school — more than 300 in all — have been busy creating their own Earth Hour message, one they want the entire community to hear.

Several of those students spoke with The Niagara Falls Review earlier this week in preparation for the third annual global energy-saving event called Earth Hour, tonight.

“My school is going to plant trees,” says Ella Birch, who is in Grade 3. “Walk to school. Try to turn off computers when they are not being used.”

For Earth Hour, Grade 1 student Luka Savic plans to make posters about animals, while Grace Clairmont, in Grade 3, will focus on recycling, picking up unwanted garbage and turning off unnecessary lighting fixtures.

These young leaders will be among millions of people who will turn off their lights and appliances between 8:30 and 9:30 p. m. today.

The collective powering down is meant to demonstrate the strength many individuals can the waterfront park, spent $60 on a pair last summer. But after a have against global warming by few weeks the cutouts vanished. acting together. But the full story has only now

The symbolic campaign emerged. A jogger out for a run began two years ago in Sydney, came across the cutouts and was Australia. The team effort so startled she ran to a construction included 2.2 million homes and site. There she told a worker businesses. It resulted in a 10.2 a coyote had “barked” at her and per cent reduction in energy was afraid it would give chase, consumption. That’s the equivalent McCallum said.

of taking 48,000 cars off the road for one year.


Sign this author up to edit the L.A. Times!

(Or perhaps as head of the corrections department at the Washington Post.)


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