Ed Driscoll

Irony, Thy Name Is Earth Hour

Or at least the people promoting it. Check out the AP video above (via Newsbusters) in which Sydney’s Lord Mayor Clover Moore says:

“We are sending a very strong message to our world leaders tonight and now we are asking our Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to lead the charge with what is happening in Copenhagen.”

You’re also voluntarily allowing the cameraman taping you to use plenty of additional lighting based on your appearance in the video, very smoothly and evenly lit amidst a darkened nighttime background. But then, that’s par for the course.

Update: In the comments, polite, enlightened Aussie Earth Hour practitioner “Wadard” sagely writes:

OK numbskull, would you prefer a darkened image of her?

I mean, seriously, just how damned thick are ya, cobber? Are you the type whinges about hospitals leaving life-support systems on during Earth Hour? Bet you are.

I have to go now Duane, because I’m due back on Planet Earth.

But taking the mayor’s mindset to its illogical conclusion, she shouldn’t allow herself to be recorded at all, given the electricity and lighting required to transmit her images. (And what about all the trees destroyed for newsprint?)

However, this isn’t my religion, so I’m not bound to follow its self-imposed “rules.”

In actuality, I’m quite relieved that hospitals, airports, and every house in my neighborhood hasn’t succumbed to this new re-primitivization. Including Wadard himself, who is at least illuminated by the light from his computer’s monitor. I wonder if he even voluntarily deleted his blog during Earth Hour so as to conserve its server’s electricity.