Ed Driscoll

"Detroit's Beautiful, Horrible Decline"

If you enjoyed/were horrified by Matt Labash’s magnum opus article on the wretched state of a city that’s been stimulated into the ground by a generation of Democratic economic and social policies, Time magazine has the perfect nightmare visual accompaniment.

John J. Miller writes:

These photos are stunning and depressing. More here. It’s like looking at a movie set for a film about the post-apocalypse. Where’s Will Smith with his machine gun and his dog? Where are the zombies?

Nothing lasts forever.

A few years ago blogger Val Prieto described “omnipotent tourist syndrome”, in which leftwing tourists drop in on cities such as Havana and become enraptured by the urban ruins they encounter, wishing them preserved forever, with little thought of the daily hell that transpires amidst them. Nowadays, one needn’t bother to leave the country to experience such horrors firsthand.