Was Dresden A War Crime?

Ed Morrissey discusses the topic in a new post at Hot Air; it’s one we explored in 2005 — and we both quote from Fredrick Taylor, who wrote an exceptional (and exceptionally detailed) book on the topic in 2003. Ed links to a new interview with Taylor in the otherwise typically reactionary and hidebound Der Spiegel and credits them for “getting past the slogans and confronting history as it happened. Be sure to read the entire interview” with Taylor.


(It’s worth noting whom Taylor credits in his book for playing a major role in demonizing the Allies’ efforts very early in his career as a revisionist historian: Holocaust-denier David Irving.)

Incidentally, Dresden also plays a role near the end of this extended post on modern architecture. The intertwining of Marxist language from Robert Ley, the head of the Nazis’ Labor Front, and his desire to “Start From Zero” (as Tom Wolfe would say), quoted by Taylor in his book on Dresden is quite fascinating in its own right.


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