The Pelosi Rules--Much Like The Chicago Way

If Roger L. Simon is right that William Goldman’s rule about Hollywood (“Nobody knows ‘nuthin’”) applies even more so to Washington, it may be because that’s just the way Nancy Pelosi wants it.


Jimmie of the The Sundries Shack writes:

Speaker Pelosi has scheduled the vote to happen today, but Republicans raised an objection. It seems they have this crazy idea that they should actually have a copy of the bill to read before they vote on it. Further, they madly insisted that they be given time to read the 1,434-page beast before they vote.

Clearly, the obstructionists are on the march, huh?

So there won’t be a vote until tomorrow, though Pelosi hasn’t given an official reason for the delay. Note that Republicans still don’t have a copy of the bill and even if they did, no same person could claim that 24 hours is enough time to read the bill and digest the contents. This, by the way, is not a concern for Democrats. According to National Journal, Democrats said that “Republicans didn’t need to see the bill anyway, since none of them voted for the stimulus when it moved through the House the first time and would probably stand in opposition.”

So now there’s a new Pelosi rule that you can’t even read a copy of legislation unless you agree beforehand to vote for it. Nice, huh?

There’s also the matter of whether the stimulus will do any good at all or not. Nick Gillespie, looking back on other recessions, says that we should break out the bubbly soon since most recession-ending legislation doesn’t happen until the recession is pretty much over already.


On the other hand, Iowahawk goes back to the future and with an ironic Photoshop of possible life in America, after we’ve all been “Stimulated”, aka, gone “Off The Deep End.”

Finally, in other economic news, Tom Blumer questions the timing of when the current recession was officially declared to begin.

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