Gird Your Bookmarks And Update Your Loins

You have may have noticed a slight change in the look of the blog, and its URL…

Last year, Roger L. Simon asked Glenn Reynolds, Steve Green and myself if we’d move our blogs inside the Pajamas portal. As it’s the 800-pound Insta-gorilla of the Baconsphere Blogosphere, it was understandable that Glenn’s blog went in first, and then Steve followed in December, and yesterday, Pajamas’s primary blog technician put the finishing touches on my installation.


Having been working on material for Pajamas since before the official launch in November of 2005, and having been producing first their “Blog Week In Review” podcasts (hosted by the great Austin Bay) and then their weekly PJM Political show on Sirius-XM’s POTUS channel, moving into the Pajamas portal certainly made sense. And I had wanted to update my blog for some time; the Movable Type platform it ran on was beginning to creak and moan under the strain of 14,000 or so blog posts accumulated since March of 2002, whereas it was obvious from writing the posts for the radio show each week that WordPress updates at a much faster pace.

You’ll notice also that comments are enabled as well, so this is your chance to provide feedback—ranging from wild hagiographic cheer to impossibilities of an anatomical sort. (And/or drop us a line on Twitter) And all the stuff from the old blog—including the Silicon Graffiti videos—will be appearing here as well.


And while the URL still works fine (and in fact relocates to this site), as the vice president is wont to say, gird your loins and update your bookmarks–or even vice versa if indeed that’s the way you yourself personally roll.

(Bumped to top.)


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