And The Winner Of The Silver Sow Award Is...

At least once a season on TV’s WKRP In Cincinnati, semi-competent news journalist Les Nessman would win Ohio’s Silver Sow Award for his morning farm reports. Robert Kennedy Jr. sounds like he’s definitely in the running for the fictitious award’s next presentation ceremony, with this quote:


Today during a House Judiciary Committee hearing, Congressman Steve King asked Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to confirm a quote he made to the Des Moines Register in 2002: “Large-scale hog producers are a greater threat to the United States and U.S. democracy than Osama bin Laden and his terrorist network, says Robert F. Kennedy Jr., president of the Waterkeeper Alliance, a New York environmental group.”

Kennedy responded: “I don’t know if that’s accurate, but I believe it, and I support it.”

He’d face stiff competition from fellow Democrat Joe Biden, who has his own equally unique priorities for what’s more important than the War On Terror:

(Oh to be a fly on the wall, if those two ever decided to compare notes on the topic.)


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