It's A Dishonor Merely To Be Nominated

In 2006, Time magazine couldn’t pick a Man of the Year, so they gave to me…and you…and everyone!

This year, virtually the entire legacy media was in the tank for President Elect Obama. And for the most part, they weren’t afraid to let you know it, either explicitly as in the examples in the video and text in the second half of this post, or implicitly, by executing acrobatic stunts such as this.


Which is why the many readers of Charles Johnson’s Little Green Footballs blog gave the negative equivalent of Time magazine’s Man of the Year Award–the Fiskie Award, named after the Walter Duranty of the 21st century–to the entire Mainstream Media.

Say, I wonder whom they’ll nominate to collect their award?

Update: Gateway Pundit notes, “CNN Wants Obama’s Inaugural Speech Carved in Marble… Even Before It’s Delivered.”


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