ABC Plans Robust Fail

ABC entertainment president Steve McPherson is not happy that his audience, like Spinal Tap’s, is becoming more selective:

ABC entertainment president Steve McPherson says his network needs to continue taking programming risks despite the economic downturn and plans a robust development slate for the fall.

McPherson told critics at the winter press tour that he plans to shoot 10 comedy and drama pilots for next season.

“We have to take swings at the plate, and we still have to be bold,” he says, noting the shows that have worked best for the network such as “Lost” and “Desperate Housewives” creatively broke new ground. “We want to grow our brand and built off the success we have. … I don’t want to do a total departure and do CBS-like shows.”

The entertainment president also criticized Nielsen, saying the ratings measurement company contracted by networks doesn’t take into account enough forms of audience viewing.

“We’re talking about a different world now,” says McPherson, whose network, like most broadcasters this season, has lost viewers.


The article is titled, “McPherson Plans Robust Fall, Criticizes Nielsen.” I swear at first glance, I read it as “McPherson Plans Robust Fail.”

Elsewhere in old media, “Scribes Guild Mourns Death of Elegant Calligraphy.”

Update: Epic fail, new media style: “Hulu CEO: ‘We screwed up royally.‘”


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