Ed Driscoll

The Velcro Presidency

Investors’ Business Daily believes “We may have witnessed in the last eight the Anti-Watergate”:

Richard Milhous Nixon never forgot a slight, used federal law enforcement powers against his political enemies and infuriated the Republican Party’s conservative base with policies ranging from wage and price controls to detente with communists to Supreme Court appointments.

Soon-to-be-ex-President Bush, on the other hand, has taken at least as much personal abuse, yet his graciousness seldom fails. While the 37th president acidly told the press, “You won’t have Nixon to kick around anymore,” the 43rd told the reporters at his final presidential press conference Monday that they were “just people trying to do the best they possibly can.”


Which is at once both the most vicious parting shot and the most charitable statement the president could have said to, and about, the braying legacy media at the conclusion of his watch.

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