Ed Driscoll

The Connecticut Post: In Dodd They Trust

When I created my recent Silicon Graffiti video on the various and sundry financial meltdowns of the past few months, I titled it “In Dodd We Trust?” It was too good a pun not to use, even though it really wasn’t about the Democratic senator from Connecticut per se, but Congressional meddling in economic matters in general.

But get a load of this recent story from Dodd’s hometown house organ: as one of Ace of Spades’ guest bloggers writes, “Connecticut Post: we’re not interested in readers bitching about Chris Dodd or Barney Frank.” The paper, evidently being buried with letters from readers regarding their hometown Friend of Angelo and his race-baiting friend from Boston, actually wrote:

…All letters are welcome. But there are code words hidden in some that are signals to stop paying close attention — “Chris Dodd” and “Barney Frank.” …

On the other hand, it’s nice of the paper to let us know who they’re running interference for, and dropping the increasingly outdated 20th century perception of “objectivity.”

(Via Gateway Pundit.)