Revisiting "The Culture Of Corruption"

At > Blog Archive >> Democrats and the Culture of Corruption” href=”″>Commentary, Peter Wehner writes:


As the Rod Blagojevich scandal continues to unfold, it’s worth recalling that Democrats in 2006 -led by Representative Rahm Emanuel- ran on the theme that they would end “the culture of corruption.” Indeed, Emanuel, in dismissing wrongdoings by Democrats at the time, explained them away as simply the actions of a few individuals. About Republicans, Emanuel said, “They have institutional corruption.” The argument put forth was that Democrats would bring ethics and high standards to public office and that the Democratic Party would embody integrity and police its ranks.

It hasn’t quite worked out that way.

“As the sportscaster Warner Wolf used to say, let’s > Blog Archive >> Democrats and the Culture of Corruption” href=”″>go to the videotape…”

Meanwhile, while the Ohio Democrat who rummaged through “Joe the Plumber’s” records has resigned, Rod Blagojevish isn’t going quietly.

Update: Related thoughts from Brent Bozell.


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