Ed Driscoll

Its Origin And Purpose Still A Total Mystery

The self-lobotomizing effects of political correctness on the media continues, as Patterico explores “An Ongoing Mystery to Our Journalistic Betters:”

Over at The Jury Talks Back, aunursa says that CNN can’t figure out why the terrorists attacked a Jewish center.

It’s not terribly surprising that they’re surprised. I’ll never forget how, after a Muslim terrorist shot up a Jewish Center in Seattle, the L.A. Times ran a box on the front page saying that the gunman’s motive was a “mystery”:

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The story contained clues, such as the fact that the gunman targeted the Jewish Center after conducting a “cursory Internet search for Jewish organizations.” Or the witness who said the man had screamed “I am a Muslim American, angry at Israel!” before opening fire.

I swear I am not making up those facts, or the fact that the L.A. Times declared the gunman’s motives a “mystery” in the face of that evidence.

I guess these media types just keep getting mystified.

Of course, it’s not just the media who are slow on the uptake these days–with dark satire to spare, Iowahawk writes that Bombay is all just a case of Too Late The Terrorist: “Apologetic Mumbai Killers: ‘We Didn’t Get the Memo About Obama.'”