Ed Driscoll

No Sleep 'Til Denver!

Frank Martin writes, “my only prediction for the day, and its a sad one“:

I was really hoping against hope that we would see a clear result today.

That hope has now been dashed:

“Denver Election Commission spokesman Alton Dillard says the “days of having your close to final results by 10 p.m. are over.” He says officials have tried to make it clear from early on that workers will still be counting ballots into Wednesday, and that still holds true.”

So its time to explode a myth. Mail in ballots are not counted until after the election polls have closed. Most elections, the mail in ballots arent even counted and one of the two candidates has to sue the election board to get a count. However, due to the closeness of this election, they will almost certainly have to count them to get a result. Sadly,that will take time. more time than they can get in a single day. This is not limited to Colorado, any state with large amounts of mail in voting will suffer from this phenomenon.

The good news is that this is yet another sign that its a close election. The bad news is that we gotta put up with this crap for a few more days.

Ugh–I hope Frank’s wrong about the latter half of his equation.

(H/T: Pajamas’ man in Colorado himself.)

Update: More from Jim Geraghty.