Obama Flunks SOX

Sarbanes-Oxley? That’s strictly for those Joe the Plumber-type suckers in the private sector, writes TigerHawk:

Mark Steyn has more on the hilarious and probably intentional failure of internal controls at the Obama campaign. If it were a public company it would have to disclose a material weakness, and its auditors would wonder whether its “tone from the top” had actually encouraged the practices in question. Fortunately for politicians of all parties, we do not hold government to anything like the same standard of accountability that applies to private businesses with public stockholders.


Reviewing the last weeks of a campaign that seems like it commenced “sometime during your first child’s initial year in primary school”, Tim Blairadds, “this is just a guess, but it could be that the rules are different for Democrats.”

(Video found via Little Green Footballs.)


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