Ed Driscoll

The Hottest Sex Scandal You Never Heard Of

While the media are off rummaging through Joe Wurzelbacher’s garbage cans to investigate which brand of plumber’s tape he uses, and if he has the sales receipt for it, Stephen Green explores “The Hottest Sex Scandal You Never Heard of”:


In one of his recent Davenport Mystery novels, author John Sandford claimed — satirically, it is hoped — that Democrat scandals are “always about money,” and Republican scandals are “always about sex.” Except, you know, for Bill Clinton and his dress-soiling ways. John Edwards and his love child. And Mel Reynolds, convicted of having sex with teens. Or Barney Frank and his male prostitute. Or, right now down in Florida, Democratic Congressman Tim Mahoney and…

“Uh… Tim who?” you might fairly ask.

If you haven’t heard of Mahoney, it’s because our Mainstream Media is in Full Bore Yawn Until It Goes Away Mode. After all, there’s an election going on, and what could be less important in a Congressional race than a Congressman who paid off his mistress to the tune of a hundred and twenty thousand smackeroos, and I don’t mean on the lips.

“Uh… there’s money involved, too?”

But wait, there’s more, involving the man who replaced Mark Foley. (Oh, him you remember? Wonder why?) Read the whole thing.

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