Goodbye, Columbus

Yesterday, Glenn Reynolds featured an intriguing quote from James Bennett of UPI:

Now, of course, Columbus Day is under attack as a holiday in the United States by the forces of political correctness. This is primarily an effect of the Calvinist Puritan roots of American progressivism. Just as Calvinists believed in the centrality of the depravity of man, with the exception of a miniscule contingent of the Elect of God, their secularized descendants believe in the depravity and cursedness of Western civilization, with their own enlightened selves in the role of the Elect.


Sorry to be a day late and a (almost) URL short on this, but I found the full essay was surprisingly challenging to track down. Happily though, the Freepers have a reprint, and it’s well worth your time. Though I disagree with Bennett’s conclusion that we’re celebrating the wrong Italian, as Columbus Day is–sadly and idiotically–yet another traditional holiday under enough attack already.

But then, they all laughed at Christopher Columbus

Update: Wretchard’s Warning is well worth heeding.


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