Ed Driscoll

Back And To The Left

Oliver Stone, borrowing a few tabs of Jim Morrison’s acid:

“I think in this present political state, the real George W. Bush might not approve of this movie,” says Stone with a wry grin. “But this movie tries to understand George W. Bush — the good, the bad and the ugly.

“I tried to be fair and balanced and compassionate,” Stone adds. “I don’t take sides. I don’t take political sides. I’m a dramatist, and this is the movie I’ve made.”


Yes–imagine the movies that Oliver Stone might have produced had he truly been a polemicist!

(As this email to Glenn Reynolds highlights, Hollywood rounding out the Bush years with yet another in an eight year series of attacks on the man–a few of which actively called for his, or a convenient surrogate’s assassination–guarantees no honeymoon for Obama if he is elected in November.)

Related: “Democrats and Republicans have become two solitudes, and so, the result of the election will be ugly, no matter which side wins.”

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