Ed Driscoll

Two, Two, Two Papers In One!

Stuart Taylor writes, “I no longer trust the major newspapers or television networks to provide consistently accurate and fair reporting and analysis of all the charges and countercharges.” Me too–but I arrived at that point four years ago.

Exhibit A: Howard Kurtz of the Washington Post. Ed Morrissey writes:

I’m going to start this post by noting that I avidly read Kurtz’ media blog, and consider it one of the best continuing analyses of both traditional and new media. I believe that Howard usually tries to approach this task without bias, and mostly succeeds, although he has certainly laid more that a few eggs (and who among us has not?). So when I tell you that Howard is talking out of his hat, I say it with respect and affection.

Why do I say that? His own newspaper has twice reported the relationship between Raines and Obama, and on one of those occasions, Raines was their source:

Read the rest, and then read Cuffy Meigs, who has a video of the “Most Racist Ad EVER … No, THIS Is … Wait, THIS One …”

Finally, Glenn Reynolds asks:

Meanwhile, if Obama is President, will Time regard every criticism of his administration as racist?

No–as long as it’s a writer at Time that’s making it.