Ed Driscoll

Life Imitates Woody

A Mr. Allan Stewart Konigsberg once quipped:

I have never in my life had difficulty with the cops. I had difficulty with the cops, that’s not…no actually I didn’t have difficulty with the cops. I was once sitting home in my house, and a lot of cars pulled up around the house. They shined in searchlights, and I heard a voice over the loudspeaker say “We have your house surrounded. This is the New York public library” They wanted their books back, y’know, and the little librarian was lobbing grenades over the house.

–From Woody Allen – Standup Comic: 1964-1968.

Flash-forward forty years: “Wisconsin woman, 20, arrested for two overdue library volumes.”

While her mug shot does bear somewhat of a certain vague aesthetic similarity to fellow Wisconsinite Miss A. Hall, the above guilty party is not from Chippewa Falls though, sadly enough.