Ed Driscoll

They Zap Horses, Don't They?

Now that the John Edwards/Rielle Hunter story is out in the overnews, even liberal sports networks are picking up on it. And making Rielle Hunter’s backstory sound weirder by the minute:

On Sunday, as I was sitting in my summer cabin in Vermont, completely absorbed in a New York Times story about John Edwards’ affair with Rielle Hunter, I began reading a paragraph whose message shot through me like a sudden bolt of electrical current. The story centered on Ms. Hunter’s refusal to take a DNA test to determine the paternity of her 5-month-old daughter, but that was not what startled me. It was this: “Ms. Hunter was born in Fort Lauderdale. Fla., in 1964 as Lisa Druck and moved to New York City in her 20s, becoming part of a Manhattan social scene that included the writer Jay McInerney …”

Here, I jumped up and blurted loudly to my wife, Judy: “Good God! John Edwards was having sex with the daughter of the guy who taught Tommy Burns how to kill horses by electrocuting them!”

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