Ed Driscoll

Wag The Dog

Early on in Barry Levinson’s 1997 movie, Wag The Dog, there’s a scene (mostly improvised, according to the audio commentary from Levinson on the DVD) of the team of writers, musicians and hucksters that Dustin Hoffman, playing a Robert Evans-inspired Hollywood producer assembles to fake America’s war with Albania. As the team get to know each other, and understand that they’ll be faking politics and history instead of selling Coca-Cola, they eventually explain why none of them bother to vote. (Denis Leary’s “Fad King” character gets off the best line–explaining that the last time he voted was for the baseball Hall of Fame: “I voted for Boog Powell on first base, he didn’t get it, and it just depressed me. It’s futile.”)

This video of Rielle Hunter begins pretty much where that scene ends–and with this quote, immediately goes into science fiction territory that even Levinson and David Mamet wouldn’t dare to mine:

“Meeting John Edwards was interesting, because in person, when I met him, he was very real and authentic, from my perception.”

But then, sometimes perception is not Rielle.