Ed Driscoll

And on the Sixth Day He Created Jar-Jar Binks

So can you immanentize the eschaton through the Force?

“I am the father of our Star Wars movie world–the filmed entertainment, the features and now the animated film and television series,” (George Lucas) says. “And I’m going to do a live-action television series. Those are all things I am very involved in: I set them up and I train the people and I go through them all. I’m the father; that’s my work. Then we have the licensing group, which does the games, toys and books, and all that other stuff. I call that the son–and the son does pretty much what he wants.” He laughs. “Once in a while, they ask a question like ‘Can we kill off Yoda?’, things like that, but it’s very loose.

“Then we have the third group, the holy ghost, which is the bloggers and fans. They have created their own world. I worry about the father’s world. The son and holy ghost can go their own way.”

Pretty biblical stuff from a guy whose original idea was to portray communist North Vietnam in a favorable light