Ed Driscoll

Homeland Security Meets The Sopranos

Back in 2003, we linked to a Washington Times article in which their journalist reported that the TSA’s slogan was “Dominate, Intimidate, Control”; Annie Jacobsen writes that you can add “And Seek Payback” to their mission statement:

Last March, in a report ironically called “Keeping Them Honest,” Drew Griffin revealed that of the 28,000 daily commercial flights, fewer than 1% are guarded by federal air marshals. Further, Griffin interviewed rank and file who revealed that morale was so low that colleagues were leaving the service in disgust. Thinner than ever on numbers, the TSA was now fast-tracking airport screeners to carry weapons on planes. Many of these screeners lacked any law enforcement experience, military training, or college degrees.

Drew Griffin’s report embarrassed the TSA. So instead of merely addressing the problem on which he reported, TSA put its resources into trying to find out who spoke to Drew Griffin.

Obviously, this is a department that will go far under President Obama.

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