Ed Driscoll

John Edwards' Immediate Future: Sleeper Meets 1984?

“Some of us have a theory that he might once have been a president of the United States, but that he did something horrendous, so that all records, everything was wiped out about him. There is nothing in history books. There are no pictures on stamps or money.”

Unlike the fellow in the video archives that Woody’s asked to identify in the above clip from Sleeper, it seems increasingly unlikely that John Edwards will ever be president. But Mickey Kaus wonders if the Ministry of Information will quietly toss Edwards’ file down the memory hole to avoid the potential risk of doubleplus ungood malreported prolefeed:

Will this be the first presidential-contender level scandal to occur completely in the undernews, without ever being reported in the cautious, respectable MSM? That’s always seemed an interesting theoretical possibility–a prominent politician just disappears from the scene, after blogs and tabloids dig up dirt on him, but nobody who relies on the Times, Post, network news or Mark Halperin has the faintest idea why.

Didn’t the MSM already do that to the 1970’s-era back story of Edwards’ running mate in 2004?