Ed Driscoll

Great Moments In Headlines And Job Titles

Actual Rocky Mountain News headline: “DNCC’s Director of Greening experience questioned.”

I hope she’s up to the task:

Only three state delegations have agreed to eliminate entirely their carbon footprints by purchasing travel offsets, despite the pleas of convention organizers.

The heavily vegetarian “Lean ‘N Green” menu has touched off a slew of gripes, ranging from caterers who can’t find enough Colorado-grown organic vegetables to Denver City Council member Charlie Brown calling menu planners “the food police.”

The biggest environmental disaster to befall the convention hit two weeks ago, when the Barack Obama campaign announced that the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee would make his acceptance speech at Invesco Field at Mile High stadium.

The decision to move to the stadium threw a Chernobyl-sized wrench into the sustainability plan. Switching the venue from the Pepsi Center, which seats fewer than 20,000, to Invesco, which holds 78,000, threatens to saddle the convention with the Shaquille O’Neal of carbon footprints.

Democratic officials have remained tight-lipped on the environmental impact of the move, saying they’re still crunching the kilowatt numbers.

As Orrin Judd notes, “The telecast of his speech will be eco-porn!”