Fortunately, Someone Still Rides The New Rochelle Train

Glenn Reynolds excerpts this passage by John Hinderaker of Power Line on Eric Holder, who’s been tasked by the Obama campaign to the help in their veep search:


Holder is a legitimate target because of the Rich affair, I guess, but frankly I have little or no interest in who helps Obama choose a V-P. What bothers me most about these battles is the implicit assumption by some that just about any involvement in the business world is somehow suspect. . . . This is frankly stupid. Covington & Burling and O’Melveny & Myers are top-notch law firms that have represented a vast array of clients. The idea that there is something wrong with associations with companies like UBS, Exxon Mobil and Hewlitt Packard is absurd. If any connection with a top law firm or a large corporation is somehow taken as a black mark, pretty soon those who advise our Presidential candidates, or serve in their administrations, will be as inexperienced as, say, Barack Obama himself. That would be a sad outcome.

IndeedTM, as Glenn would say; we should be happy that people are still willing to ride the train into Manhattan and other major cities every day, even if their candidate considers it a scary, going through the motions existence, while his wife is advising her husbands’ supporters, “Don


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