Ed Driscoll

Don't Worry, He'll Walk This One Back Shortly, Too

Just as the San Francisco Chronicle op-ed writer who dubbed him a “Lightworker” also previous admitted (and he’s not the only media figure to do so), Obama is also for higher gas prices. He just wishes they arrived more slowly than the Pelosi Premium did.

As John Steele Gordon noted in Commentary a few days ago, “This would seem to be an opening the size of the Grand Canyon for McCain, and Republican candidates for Congress, to exploit this year.”

The latter group already has. McCain? Don’t bet on it, sadly.

Update: More more at Ace of Spades.

More: Mike Bloomberg, Manhattan’s favorite nanny who has been named as a potential veep to both candidates, is also cool with higher gas prices. Note this bit of Orwellian doubletalk from the mayor and his aide:

“Reducing taxes on energy consumption is the wrong way to go. We should be raising taxes on energy consumption dramatically because it’s the only way you’re going to force people to use less.”

An aide said Bloomberg’s comments shouldn’t be taken as “a call to action to increase gas taxes,” which would be politically explosive.

On the other hand, WWCD?

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