Ed Driscoll

New Silicon Graffiti: "Have Fun Storming The Castle!"

Taking a cue from a post by Tom Maguire of the Just One Minute blog, and following up on my weekend post on Sen. Tom Harkin, I look at the ongoing attempts by the far left to delegitimize Senator John McCain’s service in Vietnam, several of which have come from the same people who told us that another ex-Navy officer, who, by the way, served in Vietnam, was the man to vote for in 2004. As Tom wrote on Thursday:

Times contributer Matt Bai will have a long NY Times magazine entry this Sunday. Apparently it is an upscale attempt to Swiftboat John McCain (You know I use that term mockingly) by de-legitimizing his wartime experience. My advice to Attack Dems intent on this path – have fun storming the castle!

And just yesterday, as I was putting this video to bed, Ed Morrissey spotted yet another example of what seems to be a trend, coordinated or not.

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