Ed Driscoll

"Rival Camps Plan Inevitable Merger"

The Washington Post reports on the most spectacular merger news since the Pennsylvania Railroad and the New York Central combined forces (which certainly worked out just swell for all concerned):

Top fundraisers for Sens. Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama have begun private talks aimed at merging the two candidates’ teams, not waiting for the Democratic nominating process to end before they start preparations for a hard-fought fall campaign.

Wow, just like that, huh? I thought all of Hillary’s voters were bigots. And all of Obama’s, sexists. And that while Hillary has “a lifetime of experience”, all Senator Obama has for political experience is a single speech he gave in 2002. But in contrast to the second coming of the Messiah, Hillary was the personification of Michael Corleone, Glen Close in Fatal Attraction and Richard Nixon all rolled into one.

Nowhere is talk more cheap than politics, but doesn’t the left get whiplash riding out all those 180 degree pivots?