Turnabout Intruder

Ann Althouse–with an assist from the maestro behind Operation Chaos–reflects on Bob Novak’s report that Michelle won’t let Barack nominate Hillary as his veep:


Do powerful women hate to see other women succeed? Do they want to be the only woman? Or do you think “sisterhood is powerful” at the highest levels? Surely, Michelle Obama has plenty of reason to hate Hillary, but don’t you think she wants to be the First Lady? If a woman is Vice President, that woman seems to be above the President’s wife. She’d be the first lady.

Michelle would even have competition as the top spouse of the land, what with a former President roaming in and about the VP mansion. He’d catch the spotlight, project the glamour.

And speaking of Bill Clinton… Hillary certainly made it her business over the years to keep other women down whenever those women interfered with her plan to ascend to power via the spousal role. There was no powerful sisterhood then. And now: turnabout! Turnabout is… a bitch.



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