Ed Driscoll

"Flooding The Zone" Is A Very Selective Process

Byron York spots this amusing exchange on CNN:

On Laura Ingraham’s program March 14, the day after the Rev. Jeremiah Wright story broke, I said that Obama supporters “are going to try to suggest to TV producers that playing over and over is a racially inflammatory act.”

Cut to yesterday, when Hillary Clinton was asked about Wright and said “He would not have been my pastor.” You would have thought she had used a racial epithet. Andrew Sullivan quickly labeled Clinton’s statement “a new low.” And later, on CNN, when Clinton defender Lanny Davis called Clinton’s remarks “legitimate” and described the statements by Rev. Wright that are the basis of the whole controversy, he was quickly called to task by host Anderson Cooper and fellow guest Joe Klein:

DAVIS: I think it’s a legitimate way that she said it, which is that she personally would not put up with somebody who says that 9/11 are chickens who come home to roost, that Israel is a state-sponsored organization