Ed Driscoll

Super Tuesday And Progressivism

Robert Bidinotto wonders if Super Tuesday (aka–today!) will annoint a new round of American “progressives“. Meanwhile in the Christian Science Monitor, Jonah Goldberg (whom Bidinotto references in his post) suggests “You want a more ‘progressive’ America? Careful what you wish for: Voters should remember what happened under Woodrow Wilson.”

Ironically, for a book with a smiley face with a Hitler mustache on the cover, Jonah’s book may cause the most damage to Wilson’s reputation, simply because so many inconvient truths of his presidency have been tossed down the memory hole by successive generations of Wilson’s fellow “progressive” academics.

(Incidentally, I’m at Pajamas HQ in L.A. today, where they’ll be having complete Super Duper Mega Ultra Crunktacular Tuesday coverage.)