Paleoconservatism Goes Beyond The Pale

Yesterday, I mentioned the American Conservative magazine’s trainwreck cover story/Godwin’s law violating hit piece on Rudy Giuliani. As David Frum writes, the cover illustration “depicts him in fascist pose and costume: black shirt, bandolier, jutting Mussolini jaw”:


In the past, garb like that shown on the mayor would have made the hearts of the editors of the American Conservative go pit-a-pit. “She is not a bad girl at all …” co-founder Taki Thedoropoulos wrote of a society acquaintance in 2003, “but her problem is she loves publicity about as much as I love the Wehrmacht.”

And yet oddly enough, this time the fascist posture is not offered by the American Conservative as an endorsement.

* * *

Have we really reached the point where a magazine that masquerades under the label of “conservative” thinks that the very worst possible allegation to throw against a president is that he has advisers who admire Israel and support democracy, that he knows his own mind, and that he is ready to defend the country against his enemies? If this is the American Conservative’s idea of criticism, God save the Republican party from ever deserving its praise.

Hey, not all American Conservative-approved presidential candidates can be Ralph Nader.



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