Great Moments In Newspaper Front Pages

Let’s list some of the news stories floating around on Friday and Saturday:

  • There’s the NIE.
  • NBC’s refusal, for a time, to run conservative pro-troops ads.
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  • Andrew Young’s potentially explosive comments yesterday about Barack Obama and Bill Clinton.
  • And even the controversial Golden Compass underperforming at the box office on Friday.
  • Plus dozens of other stories that would make for hot, newspaper-selling headlines, in an industry that needs as much help as it can get.
  • So what was the headline today on the front cover of the dead tree edition of the San Jose Mercury?

    Somewhere, William Randolph Hearst weeps. Somewhere closer to terra firma, Rupert Murdoch is probably chuckling about the competition–or lack thereof–he’s facing in the US.

    (Cover scan via Newseum; story here, if you’ve taken your heart medication and can handle a level of excitement that makes the last two minutes of today’s Cowboys-Lions game feel like a test pattern.)


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