Speaking Of Saving Old Media

“NY1 Anchor Quits After Calling a Show on the Station Under a False Name.”

Fair enough–but if that’s the precedent that’s been established, shouldn’t there be a mass resignation turned in on Monday morning from the CNN crew and anchors that worked (or more accurately, worked over) Thursday’s Democratic debate?


Update: Steve Boriss writes, “CNN learns that news media will now pay a much higher price for their traditional attempts to pick the Democratic Presidential nominee”.

It’s a good post, and well worth your time, but really, what price has CNN paid? Yes, all of the efforts over the past twenty years or so of conservatives to point out the overwhelming bias inherent in CNN’s “objective” coverage has resulted in Fox News typically clobbering CNN in the daily ratings. But advertising dollars continue to poor in, and CNN is still beloved by Washington elites.

Unless there’s a very public investigation of CNN’s efforts to influence Thursday’s debate along the lines of the TV quiz show hearings of the 1950s, there’s isn’t an obvious downside to their shenanigans Thursday. And with Democrats currently in control of both houses of Congress, why would they bother biting the hand that strokes them?


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