'Hollywood Truly Has Declared War On The Global War On Terror'

The latest essay by Michael Fumento dovetails remarkably well with my post on “Hollywood Nihilism” from last night:

You can’t argue that Hollywood’s only motivation in bashing anti-terrorist efforts is money. “Babel” lost money and it’s clear “The Kingdom” will as well, while “Rendition” came out of the starting gate a full-fledged flop.Moreover, it’s hardly the case that Islamists don’t make believable villains, much less more believable and captivating than evil cyber-geniuses and neo-Nazis. Islamists have killed about three thousand American civilians on 9/11, killed almost 200 people in the Madrid Train Bombings, and 52 more in the London subway bombings.

Islamic terrorists routinely explode bombs in markets and launch chlorine gas attacks. They build torture chambers and make and display videos of beheadings in which the victim screams in agony as his head is sawed off with a dull knife.

Even their foiled plots are often bizarre, such as Richard Reid’s “shoe bomber” attempt. These guys are a scriptwriter’s dream. Quentin Tarantino couldn’t think this stuff up.

As to not wanting to stereotype either Arabs or Muslims, the vast majority of whom want nothing to do with violence done in Mohammed’s name, has it occurred to the Tinseltown terror apologists that nobody suffers more from Islamic terror than Muslims themselves?

Islamist terrorists everyday kill and maim Iraqis and Afghans. Afghans were forced to suffer for years under the Taliban terror regime. Now the terrorists have blown up at least 136 Pakistanis and injured 400 more for the “sin” of greeting former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. Was there what the Islamists call an “infidel,” such as a Christian or Jew, among them?

Whether CAIR cares about them, we should. So should the moguls in La La Land. Instead, they’re giving us the equivalent of 1943 movies equating FDR with Hitler.

Hollywood truly has declared war on the global war on terror.


(Via Charles Johnson.)


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