The Key Word Being "Fiery"

Newsbusters: “AP Ignores Farrakhan’s Threats, Merely Refers to Him as ‘Fiery Orator'”:

Furthermore, it surely is not very arduous for a reporter to discover the racist and anti-Semitic vitriol that Farrakhan has spewed over the years.


I’ve long known the media have rather short memories when it comes to their favored sons, but this is ridiculous:

Tuesday night’s address was the keynote speech for Farrakhan’s Holy Day of Atonement, which also commemorated the 12th anniversary of the Million Man March, held Oct. 16, 1995 in Washington.

Farrakhan cut a healthy-looking figure Tuesday in a gray and gold pinstriped suit, a wide smile flashing often under the trademark side-part in his wavy, black hair and thin-rimmed glasses.

Geez–I haven’t seen a hate-filled man praised in such fulsome language since…well, since last month.


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