Life--Rather Belatedly--Imitates SCTV

27 years ago, the Canadian television parody series featured featuring Rick Moranis’ dead-on impersonation of deadpan Dick Cavett interviewing…Dick Cavett.


Today, in a rather belated effort to catch up, the Washington Post’s Howard Kurtz interviews himself.

As another Washington Post media critic wrote today:

Be careful what you wish for. In this era of media superficiality, newsroom budget cuts and celebrity worship, there’s also a growing call for depth and tough reporting on the crucial issues of our time, such as the election of a president.

But as we’ve seen more than a few times recently, the Washington Post and its subsidiaries may not be the best place for that depth and tough reporting. Which may be why the legacy media is on Forbes’ endangered species list this week, several months after first appearing on ours.

Update: Video here. A hint before watching it: Courage–as another legacy media figure is wont to say.


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