"A Tree Falls In The Forest"

Power Line:

If the Bush administration gets attacked, the press will report it. But what if someone attacks the press? If the attack goes unreported, did it ever really happen?


As Mickey Kaus wrote in August, the legacy media is “in the business of killing stories these days, not publishing them, apparently”, to which Steven Den Beste added:

That has always been the most important power of gatekeepers. Not in deciding when to open the gate, but in when to close it.

And that’s the reason that the gatekeepers are so upset by the rise of blogs and other alternative media. They still have the ability to open the gate for stories they like, and to try to focus attention on those stories, but they no longer have the ability to close the gate because thousands of bloggers have dug tunnels under the fence.

Fortunately, reporters aren’t the only people reporting the news these days.


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