Ed Driscoll

That Was The Week Of That Was The Week That Was

The week is far from over, but it’s already been filled with deja vu all over again. And again.

Or as to paraphrase those parodies of 1930s-era Time magazine, Backwards ran the flashbacks until reeled the mind…

  • Want to relive 1945? The Washington Post makes Gerald Ford look like a brilliant Cold War historian.
  • Or maybe you’d like to revisit 1994? OJ’s back in the police blotter once again.
  • How ’bout 1997? Matt Drudge has the dinosaur media p.o.ed all over again.
  • Or, why not something as recent as 2004! On National Talk Like A Pirate Day, avast maties, for the return of the Captain Dan the Newsman, swashbuckling his way back into the Blogosphere’s hearts with a $70 million lawsuit against his former employer.
  • Or we can set the Wayback Machine back to the new Ice Age predicted by NASA in 1971; and way, way back–to 1492.
  • …Where it all will end, knows God!

    Update: speaking of “a couple of week links“, welcome readers of Jules Crittenden and Don Surber!