Ed Driscoll

The End Of Days

Back in March, I asked if a movie like 300 might have a chance to wake Hollywood from its half-decade of artistic slumber, and concluded:

Obviously, not in the short term. With the exception of Spider-Man 3, virtually all of the innumerable trailers yesterday before 300 highlighted Hollywood’s current phase: dank, gross, low-budget nihilistic horror films, and, in a very similar genre, the latest effort by Quentin Tarantino, which featured the disgusting image of a buxom young woman whose leg is amputated and replaced with a machine gun, which she alternately walks on and fires at the baddies (baddies being a relative term in a Tarantino movie, of course) by crouching in some sort of kung fu-style pose spraying bullets upward. (No, really.)

Brent Bozell has some thoughts on this new genre of “torture porn“:

As long as there