Ed Driscoll

Ultimate Imus Ouster Identified?

In April, Tim Graham asked, “Was Team Hillary Especially Interested In Removing Imus from Cable TV?”

Today, Lisa Schiffren writes:

Most people who followed that brouhaha credited the rabble-rousing Reverend, Al Sharpton, with escalating the tensions to the point that NBC had little recourse but to capitulate and fire Imus, in our race sensitive environment. But, according to John Perazzo, that would be wrong. Perazzo makes, and documents, a credible case that none other than Herself was the force behind Imus’s downfall. Why did she care about Imus in particular, considering that there are talk show hosts far to the right of him on all day?

Read the whole thing.

Update: The Imus comeback itself? Approved for takeoff!